Online Family Therapy

Online Telehealth Family Therapy

What Values Support Telehealth?
There are several values that support delivering therapy services through online methods: 

  • Schedules:  It allows for flexibility in scheduling appointments.
  • Privacy: It allows for greater privacy, rather than going to a therapist’s office. All sessions are encrypted and HIPPA compliant.
  • Safety:  It can ease anxieties about therapy, as the client meets from a location that is comfortable for them. This emotional safety is important for productive meetings. 
  • Comfort: Allowing the client to choose their space for the meeting environment is less cold than the  clinical atmosphere of an office.
  • Convenience: It is very helpful for individuals whose physical or mental health issues make them homebound. It reduces drive time for all participants. 
  • Availability: When Dr. DeYoung offered in-home therapy he was limited by driving distance. With Telehealth he can serve more couples across the entire state of Texas.​

Why Online Therapy?

Therapy is Changing

  • Dr. DeYoung has always offered cutting edge delivery of service. For years he was one of very few therapists that offered in-home therapy services.
  • Following the pandemic, Dr. DeYoung has modified his delivery of therapy services to be online as Telehealth.
  • He believes the values supported his previous in-home delivery are applicable to telehealth services. 
  • The primary reasons Dr. DeYoung made the transition to online therapy were:
  • First, the increased availability means a greater population is served.
  • Second, the comfort and convenience of telehealth mimics closely the in-home methods Dr. DeYoung used for years.
Online Telehealth Family Therapy

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