Marriage Conference

Live Marriage Conference

Live Marriage Conference

Dr. DeYoung will come to your location and provide a live marriage conference for couples. This event is designed for a maximum of 25 couples. There are six sessions that can be presented in a weekend format or scheduled over a six-week period. Dr. DeYoung has presented this conference in retreat centers, churches and internationally.

Online Marriage Conference

Online Marriage Conference

The Revolutionary Marriage Conference has been adapted, and recorded for couples to work on at home. Couples and register and have access for six months to the onlne marriage conference material. The online course has over 7 hours of video, a copy of Revolutionary Marriage, two workbooks, and a bonus 30-day Marriage Devotional. You can click the button below to find more information and register.

“This conference was very relatable-made me feel like I am not alone in the struggles we are facing.”

“The material provided innovative ways to view our marriage. Dr. DeYoung truly brought Revolutionary Marriage to life!”

“There was a good mix of content, time for reflection, and free time.”

“Relaxed setting, no pressure. This was the first marriage conference I ever attended and I’ll remember everything. It was a blast.”

“Wonderful Conference.”

“I like the activities the best. They gave us a deeper understanding.”

“We really have benefitted from time to talk to each other on critical questions.”

“The material was exceptional and everything was well organized.”

“This was different and refreshing—having the small group format provided the flexibility and ease for many. I loved both the down time and debriefing moments as a couple.”

“We were not sure if we needed to attend the conference, but we are so glad we did…it was nice to focus on our marriage and speak about things we have not in the past. We needed this conference more than we thought we did and I am so glad we attended.”

“This is a great foundational tool for re-evaluating my view of marriage.

“Great job! I have enjoyed this very much and we have some new tools to help our marriage heal and thrive.”

“I was able to learn more about my spouse and how to continue to grow our love towards one another.