Why Online Therapy?

Online Therapy Connects Us

Get to know my values.

Online therapy connects us. I know that sounds obvious since we use technology to wire ourselves together with online services. But I think online therapy connects us in far more significant ways.

I think the best way to explain the connections from online therapy is to help you get to know my values related to therapy.

  1. Privacy and Safety
    A core ethic and value of therapy practice is privacy or confidentiality. Online therapy services are ideal for the protection of your privacy. You meet from your preferred location and you access Dr. DeYoung through a highly secure, HIPAA compliant platform. Privacy is a prerequisite to feeling safe in therapy. Dr. DeYoung values safety because it is central to reducing stress in our everyday functioning. Online therapy enhances feelings of safety because you remain in control of the setting that you use to access the meeting with Dr. DeYoung.
  2. Flexibility and Availability for Schedules
    Online therapy provides you, the client, with the most flexibility for scheduling your appointments. You eliminate any drive time to a therapist’s office. Online therapy also helps Dr. DeYoung to be more available. Since clients can meet from any location, many choose to meet when they are travelling for work or vacation. Dr. DeYoung can also serve more couples and families in all of Texas and even other states. He currently holds licenses in Texas, Florida, and Arizona.
  3. Comfort and Convenience
    You can often meet from your comfy couch or chair when you choose the space to access the online session. Some clients cannot leave home for many reasons, and the online format gives them access to mental health services that they might have struggled with accessing.

Frequently asked.

Why don’t you offer in-person sessions? Where is your office?

The values above outline the primary reasons Dr. DeYoung utilizes the online therapy format. It is also important to note that prior to adopting an online format, Dr. DeYoung was a pioneer in the delivery of in-home therapy services. His reasons for meeting with clients in their home are in alignment with online therapy.

Many studies have shown that online therapy is equally effective as in-person sessions. One factor that seems to be critical is the therapist’s experience level. Dr. DeYoung’s over 25 years of experience supports this need.

Dr. DeYoung is geographically located in the North Fort Worth region of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. His office is in his home, but he has a box address at: 5410 Basswood Blvd, PMB 14, Fort Worth, TX 76137.

Do you offer other services other than online therapy?

Dr. DeYoung has and online marriage conference for couples based on his book, Revolutionary Marriage.

Dr. DeYoung is also a consultant and trainer for non-profits, schools, and missionary teams.

Is Online Therapy Cost Effective?

Online therapy generally costs the same as in-office visits with a therapist. It is important to note that Dr. DeYoung is in ongoing evaluation of the outcomes with his clients. If you would like to read about those outcomes click here.

Couples who commit to therapy beyond three meetings have an 88% success rate.

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