Revolutionary Marriage – The Award Winning Book

IPA Distinguished Favorite 2024

2024 Independent Press Award – Distinguished Favorite

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Dr. DeYoung published the book Revolutionary Marriage in 2020. It is fresh new take at what makes a Christian marriage have meaning and value.

Revolutionary Marriage is an award winning book. It was named Distinguished Favorite in the 2024 Independent Press Awards.

IPA Distinguished Favorite
2024 Independent Press Award – Distinguished Favorite

“Mark does an excellent job framing marriage in the category of vocation and removes it from the romanticized, self-actualization pinnacle often framed by religious and contemporary cultures. Dr. DeYoung avoids the ‘quick fix’ temptation taken by many and provides a practical ‘So What’s Next’ pathway for marriages. Thank God, somebody believes marriage can survive and thrive amidst the various challenges presented in today’s contemporary culture.”

Dr. David Fraze

Assistant Professor, Lubbock Christian University
“Mark DeYoung’s Revolutionary Marriage is one of the top marriage books I have read. In a clear style that is deeply theological, practical, and relevant, Mark offers a captivating vision of marriage. With honesty and realism, he explains why marriage has fallen into such disrepair. But, he also explains how we can rescue it…I will certainly be passing this book on to all who desire a richer and broader picture of what a Christian marriage can be.”

Steve McMillan

Lead Pastor, Bow Valley Christian Church, Calgary, CANADA
An inspiring book which will propel you and your spouse to a new level of unity and spiritual maturity. Dr. DeYoung presents concepts which are therapeutically sound and highly effective in building success in a Christian marriage relation- ship, benefiting your entire family. A must read for anyone wanting to solidify their marriage and influence future generations.

Tina Johnston

Psychotherapist, Director of New Starts

Revolutionary Marriage
Revolutionary Marriage

Revolutionary Marriage Book


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