Marriage Therapy and Intensives

“How to keep love fresh? The answer is the same as it is for any other activity. To be enjoyable, a relationship must become more complex. To become more complex, the partners must discover new potentialities in themselves and in each other. To discover these, they must invest attention in each other—so that they can learn what thoughts and feelings, what dreams reside in their partners’s mind. This in itself is a never-ending process, a lifetime’s task.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

1934-2021, Author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Couples Intensive Therapy

One of the services DeYoung Consulting offers is Couples Intensives Therapy. Traditional marriage therapy has been offered with hourly sessions either weekly or every other week. Dr. DeYoung has felt that many times these sessions are unproductive due to running out of time just when we are starting to deal with what can be sometimes very intense issues.

Marriage is our most intimate and therefore challenging of relationships. We believe we need blocks of time to deal with the patterns and issues in marriage that can prevent healthy functioning.

Marriage Couples Intensive

The Couples Intensives Therapy allows for:

  1. Good assessment – We give ourselves plenty of time to assess the real issues involved.
  2. Time and space – We are able to proceed in our goal directed conversations carefully by giving ourselves blocks of time to deal with the marriage relationship.

The Couples Intensives  service requires us to schedule blocks of time for therapy. These blocks are usually 2 hours and sometimes more. We will work with you and your schedule to determine the best scheduling options for you as a couple.

Dr. DeYoung has completed Level 3 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and utilizes the Gottman Method in his work with couples.

Telehealth Marriage Therapy and Intensives are offered to all couples in the state of Texas and Florida.